MPG's RF & Microwave Products and Solutions are Connecting & Protecting People® globally in the harshest and most demanding applications  


Our company expertise is centered on the design and manufacture of application specific products, components, and assemblies essential to meeting engineers’ requirements in the military/defense, aerospace/avionics, space/satellite, communications, telecom, ATE, and GPS markets, where function and reliability are crucial. MPG aims to be the leader in every market served, to the benefit of customers and the promotion of mutual long-term success.

MPG is committed to achieving this by:

  • Understanding customers’ real needs and providing products and services to meet and exceed them.
  • Providing better products and services than competitors.
  • Investing in product development, manufacturing processes and employee talent.
  • Insisting on the highest ethical standards and a business culture of trust, respect and open communication.
  • Embracing a culture of Innovation and Continuous Renewal.

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Quick Facts:

MPG brands are recognized by top-tier system integrators and providers as world leaders in the design and manufacturing of RF and Microwave solutions.

AEROSPACE | Maximizing system performance to meet stringent environmental requirements in addition to perofrmance criteria.

DEFENSE | Conntecting & Protecting People® who serve on global defense applications designed to operate on land, sea, and in the air.

ATE | Innovative technologies and overall system reliability designed specifically for your ATE specifications.

COMMUNICATIONS | Simultaneous Quality Operations for your communications applications.

SPACE | With decades of experience and knowledge, MPG provides high reliability solutions in severe space environments.

GPS | Rugged and reliable designs support your GPS application specifications.

Customized Engineering Support

All of MPG Products & Solutions are customizable to meet your specific application requirements.  Our Engineering team is dedicated to support you with custom solutions from design to integration, along with post-product support. 


Facility & Capabilities

  • Products & Solutions are designed for low loss and compact size while delivering ultimate rejections levels.
  • State-of-the-art plating facility
  • High precision mechanical manufacturing
  • Vector network analyzers
  • Synthesized sources
  • Noise figure measuring equipment
  • Passive inter-modulation (PIM) test stands
  • Thermal/vacuum changes
  • RF power sources
  • Shock and vibration stations
  • CNC machining stations networked with CAD/CAM computing stations

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Featured Products & Solutions

Coaxial SPDT

SPDT Coaxial Switches

Designed to reliably route microwave signals or RF energy from point to point within a transmission line, MPG's SPDT Coax Switches are equally at home in an industrial environment, such as large RF communication systems and networks, or within the lab supporting RF testing equipment


High Power Coxial DPDT Switches

A High Power Coaxial DPDT switch offers low insertion loss and fast switching, but reliable use can be challenging. A high power switch acts as a two terminal device, meaning that the control port utilized for biasing and the port used for the RF signal are one and the same. To ensure proper functioning and fit, our experienced engineers work individually with customers to tailor the design and manufacture of each high power switch to exacting specifications.


High Repeatability Coaxial SPnT Switches

High Repeatability Coaxial SPnT Switches are designed to stand up to rigorous requirements over an extended lifecycle. MPG’s Reliant line of High Repeatability SPnT Switches meets these basic requirements with a dependable and economical switching solution, backed by decades of design and manufacturing innovation.