MPG supports the defense industry with sophisticated Filters, Switches, and Solutions designed to mitigate RF interference in today’s highly complex environments, while withstanding the rigors of the most demanding battlefield environments.


MPG proudly supplies defense markets with state-of-the-art components & system critical solutions, while remaining considerate of the SWaP constraints relevant to the military today. Our products & solutions are found flying on airborne command posts and jet fighters or fielded in ground-fixed and ground-mobile systems, including signals Intelligence, radio intercept and SIGINT technology. Our solutions mitigate interference, even in highly complex environments, protecting sensitive communications and allowing military platforms to operate multiple radios without interference. We help ensure consistent and spontaneous operation of all communications, RADAR, SIGINT and other RF signal intelligence systems with custom solutions designed to meet the individual needs of each application.


MPG has designed and engineered world class products & solutions for communications, RADAR, SIGINT and other RF signal intelligence systems for more than 50 years. In 1994, MPG entered the Integrated Cosite Equipment (ICE) field by offering an airborne and shipboard filter/amplifier cascade product. While the rest is history, our goal remains the same: to provide the defense industry with durable, reliable filter and switch components, optimized to fit the individual specifications and cost requirements of each and every application.

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Quick Facts:

MPG offers products and solutions specifically designed for the rigors of the defense industry. We focus on maximizing integrations with innovative customizable switch and filter solutions for electronic warfare and radar systems.

Operating in the defense industry since 1989

Highly scalable and modular components

MPG is dedicated to providing defect-free products on time

Third-party conformance certification: ISO9001:2008 standard with AS9100:2009, Revision C

Defense Technologies

MPG supports manufacturers with a full line of electronic warfare and defense components, including:

  • Single Bandpass and Bandreject filters
  • Bandpass/Bandpass, Bandpass/Bandstop filters
  • Tunable filters in manual and digital form
  • Multi-Channel Multiplexer including any combination of Single Bandpass, Bandreject, Bandpass/Bandpass, and Bandpass/Bandstop filters
  • Duplexers (BP-BP, BP-BS and LP/HP)
  • Low insertion loss, high reliability switches and switch matrices
  • Integrated Cosite Equipment
  • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)

Facility & Capabilities

  • Modern computer-controlled testing and manufacturing equipment
  • Vector network analyzers
  • Synthesized sources
  • Noise figure measuring equipment
  • Passive inter-modulation (PIM) test stands
  • Thermal/vacuum changes
  • RF power sources
  • Shock and vibration stations

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Our team is composed of highly-technical engineers empowered to quickly assist you in identifying a high-performance RF/microwave solutions. Whether it is a modular, tailored design or a custom, highly-integrated, multi-function assembly, we will actively engage with you to provide the best value without compromising performance. Contact our engineers today to start the collaborative process!

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Visualizing the RF spectrum through edge sensors with AI/ML classification, precision geolocation, and data analytical tool sets combined within intuitive user interfaces

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ICE 3005

Multiple poles of RF selectivity to reduce broadband noise, harmonics, and spurious signals. Full output power in transmit mode.

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Thin Film

Our extensive industry experience and engineering capabilities allow us to customize Thin Film Filters within a highly repeatable design. The result is excellent temperature stability, low loss and consistent performance at a lower cost than most competitors.

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