Visualizing the RF spectrum through edge sensors with AI/ML classification, precision geolocation, and data analytical tool sets combined within intuitive user interfaces.



teamSENTINEL® emphasizes collaboration, simplicity, and reliability in its delivery of very advanced technical solutions. These solutions integrate extended wideband spectrum recording, network-centric signal monitoring and geolocation, post-facto signal processing and QuickAssist AI/ML-enabled automated signal detection, classification and processing through data-driven neural networked-based machine learning, All of these applications and features are visualized through an intuitive set of user interfaces.

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Our Spectrum Operations suite of wideband recording RF sensors are highly configurable to address a wide range of requirements defined by size, weight, power, cost, frequency coverage (ELF, VLF, HF, VHF, UHF and SHF), wideband recording capacity, signal detection, signal categorization, angle of arrival direction finding (AoA DF) and TNG. Extreme recording of wideband digital RF (hours, days and weeks) affords operators the freedom to conduct signal searches without the pressure of operating in real-time, and all while the system is actively acquiring and recording new RF data. Signals can be retroactively prosecuted interactively by an operator to play back as audio, analyze to determine signal type, and geo-locate on geolocation-enabled sensors.

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Highly-scalable, streaming wideband recording, LF through mid-SHF, dual band and direction finding (DF) sensors.

With extreme RF stare bandwidth, signal processing and recording capacity (ELF through SHF), the teamSENTINEL radio frequency collection, and DF-enabled sensors are optimized for extended recording and acquisition bandwidth. They provide simultaneous monitoring, analysis, and recording of time and frequency coherent, wideband RF spectrum, through teamSOIGNE® signal-mining GUI's. Frequency band coverage of each sensor is determined by the RF Conditioner module selected. Options exists to support HF, HF/DF, V/UHF, and V/UHF-DF operations, as well as Dual-band operations (HF and V/UHF concurrently). All teamSENTINEL sensors are Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) node compliant when configured and operated with the necessary GPS-disciplined referencees.


Transportable, network-ready ultra wideband recording HF, V/UHF, dual band and direction finding sensors.

Optimized for maximum bandwidth where SwAP and transportability are priorities. TeamSENTINELmini radio frequency collection, and DF-enabled, sensors are optimized for transportability. They provide simultaneous monitoring, analysis, and extended recording of time and frequency coherent, wideband RF spectrum, through Espy’s teamSOIGNE®signal-mining GUIs. Frequency band coverage of each sensor is determined by the RF Conditioner module selected. Options exists to support HF, HF/DF, V/UHF, and V/UHF-DF operations, as well as Dual-band operations (HF and V/UHF concurrently). All teamSENTINELmini sensors are Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) node compliant.

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VPX Server Systems

teamSENTINELnano Gen3®

Integrated teamSENTINEL® sensor and teamSOIGNE® client workstation for V/UHF man-portable applications.

TeamSENTINELnano Gen3 incorporates a TNG-node compliant RF module with Espy’s teamSENTINEL server and client functions into a highly transportable V/UHF sensor and analysis system. High performance SSD storage (1.92 TB or 3.84 TB) ensures that the same level of interactive operator performance is maintained as a stand-alone teamSOIGNE workstation, even as the system is collecting digital RF data in real-time. TeamSENTINELnano Gen3 runs the same advanced version of teamSENTINEL software as the rest of the Espy product line. To complete the package, Espy’s planer wideband fractal antenna is integrated into the transit case lid for instant setup and RF monitoring from 150-6,000 MHz. A user can set up this sensor in 10 minutes or less.

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Edge Sensors and Processing:
Integrates COTS equipment around system software to develop higher quality sensor data that discovers, identifies, records, and remembers.

Creates teamVIEW (sensor data displayed allowing operators to view sensor data from all or select sensors in the worldwide network).

AI/ML classification:
Leverages spectral imaging as the basis for AI/ML integration; allows operators to be more engaged and continually enhance the confidence scoring.

Streamlined AI/ML training:
Intuitive GUI allows operators (vs. engineers) to create new models with < 2 hrs to train.

Precision Geo-Location:
JICD 4.2 compliant AOA/TDOA algorithms provide precision geolocation.

Data Analytics:
Collects and records meta data allowing web-based browser views for rapid data analysis

Improved Workflows:
Integrates the spectral, globe and image processing views allowing operators to quickly mine spectrum for signals of interest.

Enhanced Visualization:
Utilizes spectral imaging and mapping allowing operators to make sense of the RF environment with limited radio protocol expertise.

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Signals Intelligence:
teamSENTINEL solutions provided through integrating AI/ML, Geolocation and Visualization tools to enable signal analysts to discover and analyze signals of interest in an ever-changing RF environment across a national network of sensors. 

RF Battlefield Visualization:
Interference, both intended and unintended, from electromagnetic emissions can disrupt battlefield operations. teamSENTINEL sensors allow operators to understand what the digital battlefield signature looks like and safeguard locations and troop movements from compromise and prevent inadvertent interference with allied force equipment.  

Warfighter Threat Detection:
Whether tethered or untethered, teamSENTINEL systems visualize the immediate location so warfighters can immediately identify new emissions in their surrounding area. Geolocating these emitters allows for situational awareness on the battlefield.  

Border Monitoring:
Organized criminal organizations take advantage of the ease of movement across borders and continue to develop methods to evade detection. Deploying teamSENTINEL with geofencing capabilities allows border patrol organizations to understand the RF environment and locate these illicit operations.  

Spectrum Monitoring:
Understanding the RF environment to ensure the legal use by commercial and military organizations is important to maintain communication networks are properly functioning. teamSENTINEL offers 24/7 coverage of the RF spectrum, identification and location of emitters that threaten these networks.

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will capture images and spectra that will help us understand how today’s universe emerged.


MPG Receives Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Dow-Key® Microwave was selected by Boeing to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. This is their third time receiving the award.



P-8A Poseidon Mission

MPG equipment delivered on the goal of Connecting and Protecting People by providing clear communicatins over long distances in this search and rescue (SAR) event.