Filter/Amplifier Cascades

MPG Solutions Agile Filter Amplifier Cascade devices significantly improve range and reduce interference where receiver desensitization is a challenge. 



Receiver desentization greatly diminishes communications range. Pole/Zero offers a catalog of solutions that incorporate tunable filters and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) in an RF cascade to significantly enhance receiver dynamic range, improve noise figure, improve strong signal handling and intermodulation, and reduce reciprocal mixing and cross-modulation.


MPG Solutions Agile Filter Amplifier Cascade integrate elements of our standard product line to improve receiver dynamic range and offer the following additional benefits:

  • Enables simultaneous operation of multiple transceivers in a cosite environment
  • Devices incorporating multiple poles of RF selectivity reduce broadband noise, harmonics and spurious signals, while providing full output power
  • Incorporates extensive Built-in-Test (BIT) capability and is qualified for airborne applications
  • Available cost-effective modifications ensure fit to individual specifications
  • An optional mounting tray is available for easy incorporation on any platform

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Problems Solved

Agile Filter Amplifier Cascade solutions reduce the interference inherent in today’s cosite environment. Multiple solutions are available and designed to solve the following challenges:

  • Receive filter interference throughout the UHF and VHF band
  • Popping and dropouts in the R/T audio common in hopping or blanked waveforms

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Our team is composed of highly-technical engineers empowered to quickly assist you in identifying a high-performance RF/microwave solutions. Contact our engineers to see how we can solve your mission-critical challenges.

Special Processes & Technologies


  • Multiple RF Screen Rooms
  • Full Complement of Test Equipment (DC – 3GHz) including Network, Spectrum, and Modulation Analyzers; Signal and Function Generators
  • Eagleware GENESYS™RF/Microwave Design Tool together with SPECTRASYS™, an RF architecture simulator and EMPOWER/ML™, a multi-level planar 3D EM simulator
  • MathCAD13 for circuit simulation and analysis
  • Mentor Graphics DxDesigner Schematic Capture & Circuit Board Layout Tool
  • Autodesk Inventor® Series including:
    1.Autodesk Inventor® software for 2D/3D design and documentation
    2.AutoCAD® Mechanical for productive 2D drawing and detailing
    3.Autodesk® Vault to synchronize your design efforts

Environmental Test

  • Custom developed test fixtures for automated testing of customer units
  • Temperature/Humidity chambers capable of thermal cycling units under test from -73°C to +175°C. Pole/Zero currently has multiple thermal chambers including the TestEquity 115, TestEquity 1007C, Russells F-18, Russells RB-32 and Russells RDV-32 chambers
  • MB Dynamics C10E, LDS V830 and V850 Electrodynamic vibration tables for shock, random, & sinusoidal testing cycles



Filter Amplifier Cascades

Case Studies & Innovation Stories

The Mission

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will capture images and spectra that will help us understand how today’s universe emerged.


MPG Receives Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Dow-Key® Microwave was selected by Boeing to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. This is their third time receiving the award.



P-8A Poseidon Mission

MPG equipment delivered on the goal of Connecting and Protecting People by providing clear communicatins over long distances in this search and rescue (SAR) event.



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