ICE 3009

MPG Solutions ICE3009 subsystem is an agile filter for the VHF-L, VHF-H and UHF frequency bands.



Product Name  : ICE 3009

The ICE 3009 subsystem is an agile filter for the VHF-L, VHF-H and UHF frequency bands. It allows operation of a number of transceivers in a cosite environment.

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Problems Solved

MPG Solutions VHF/UHF Filter provides multiple poles of RF selectivity to reduce broadband noise in transmit mode of operation and to reduce interfering signals at the transceiver’s RF input in receive mode at Have Quick II/IIa and SATURN tuning speeds. This design incorporates a flexible control scheme that can be configured at the factory for various radio interfaces (ARC-210, ARC-231, ARINC 429, etc.). The design is highly integrated and includes all filters, amplifiers, power supply, transmit and receive switching (including a bypass mode), and Built-in-Test (BIT). A mounting tray is available as an option for easy incorporation on your platform.


MPG Solutions are qualified for airborne platforms and ground mobile or shipboard communication systems. Our flexible solutions support multiple radio models, including ARC-225, ARC-231, ARC-210 and ARC-210D radios, providing built in agility to simplify future integrations with new technology.


Communications Defense


Product Specifications

Frequency Coverage

Receive Gain

RF Output Power

30-88 MHz (VHFL)108-174 MHz (VHFH)

225-400 MHz (UHF)

5.0 to 10.0 dB

20 W (AM) to 100 W (FM)

depending on frequency band configuration

6 x 7 x 15.7 / 152 x 178 x 39820 lbs. / 9.07 kg


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Through continuous product, technology, and process innovation, Pole/Zero continues to expand its role as the leading supplier of unique, cost-effective solutions to the most complex of RF challenges. Our comprehensive suite of RF interference mitigation devices includes Tunable Filters, Low Noise Amplifiers, Integrated Cosite Equipment, Cosite Power Amplifiers and a wide range of other products tailored to the interference characteristics of multiple industries.

Our expertise and experience in space and military markets, has led to industry leading products that readily meet the unique size, weight and power requirements of cosite environments, placing us as a leading supplier for military applications.

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