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Product Name : HF-ERF™ Series

The HF-ERF™ is an internally switched 3‑band, low cost, miniature, high performance tunable filter. The HF-ERF™ was designed to have the best insertion loss and Q in the smallest package possible, 2.0” x 2.78” x 0.6”. All HF-ERF™ filters are fully tested and aligned by Pole/Zero for convenience and ease of use. Both SPI and Parallel control interfaces are available in one filter. Modified variants are available upon request








Delivering high performance in a small package, Pole/Zero’s ERF Tunable Filter is applicable for multiple markets, including defense, EW, radar, communications, satcom, and automated test equipment.


Defense Aerospace Communications GPS


Product Specifications

Frequency Coverage  Input/Output Impedance  Inband Input/Output VSWR  Insertion Loss  Percent Bandwidth  Ultimate Attenuation  Shape Factor (30 dB/3 dB)  Inband RF Power Handling  Out of Band RF Power Handling  Inband Third Order Intercept Point  Tuning Control  Tuning Speed  DC Power  Operating Temperature Range  Size (in. / mm.)
30 MHz to 520 MHz  50 Ω  1.5: 1 typical, 2.2: 1 max  See Table 1 below  See Table 1 below  65 dB typical  6 typical, 7.2 max  +32 dBm (input, typical)  +33 dBm @ +/- 15%  +40 dBm (input)  Serial (SPI)  15 µsec typical, 21 µsec max  +3.3 VDC @ 200 mA max  +100 VDC @ 2.5mA max  -40 to +85°C   1.75 x 2.4 x .385 / 44.5 x 61 x 9.8 
Part Number Frequency Typical Selectivity Typ. 3 dB  Insertion
Range (MHz)  @ fc +/- 10% (dBc)  BW (%) Loss 
  Typ. Min Typ.  Max  Typ.  Max 
 MN-30-520-4-S04  30-520 22 19  4.7  5.4 5.2 7
MN-30-520-7-S04 30-520 16 14 7.2 8.2 3.5 5


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Through continuous product, technology, and process innovation, Pole/Zero continues to expand its role as the leading supplier of unique, cost-effective solutions to the most complex of RF challenges. Our comprehensive suite of RF interference mitigation devices includes Tunable Filters, Low Noise Amplifiers, Integrated Cosite Equipment, Cosite Power Amplifiers and a wide range of other products tailored to the interference characteristics of multiple industries.

Our expertise and experience in space and military markets, has led to industry leading products that readily meet the unique size, weight and power requirements of cosite environments, placing us as a leading supplier for military applications.  

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