IMF™ Series

Accelerated tuning speeds packed in a small, lightweight filter with maximum performance. 



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Product Name : IMF™ Series

The Integrated Microwave Filter or IMF™ Series introduces accelerated tuning speeds packed in a very small, lightweight filter, providing maximum sensetivity and improved system performance for cleansing your ESM environment.

Our propriety designs designs produce the highest levels of performance.  Including: Phase Noise: -145 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset; Pin: +30dBm (10%BW); IIP3: +35 dBm min. +40 dBm typ.; Insertion Loss: 3.4 dB avg. for 10% BW; Selectivity: 20 dBc @ fc ± 10% (4% BW); +5V @ 20 μA Typical DC Power or +3.3V @ 2 mA typical.  The highly customizable design allows you to select the best performance for your specific requirements.

Designed for the military radar market, specifically Active Electronically Steered Arrays (AESA) Radars and Phased Array Radars but compliment a broad range of applications such as; Commercial, Tactical & Military Communications, RF Front Ends (RFFE’s),  SATCOM-on-the-move (SOTM), along with Electronic Warfare & Radar applications. 

IMF™ demo loaner, mounted on evaluations boards, are available at no cost.








The reduced size, weight, power consumption, and cost of Pole/Zero’s Integrated Microwave Notch Filters (IMF Filters) make them suitable for applications in the Electronic Warfare and SATCOM markets.


Defense, Aerospace, Communications, GPS


Product Specifications

Frequency Coverage (Multiple Bands)Input/Output ImpedanceInband Input/Output VSWR3 dB BandwidthPass Band RF Power HandlingNotch RF Power HandlingPass Band IIP3 (input)Tuning ControlTuning Speed (0 dBm input)DC PowerOperating TemperatureSize
1.5 GHz to 24 GHz50 n0.75 dB typ14%24 dBm10dBm+40 dBm typ.+3.3 V GPIO or SPI < 6 GHz250 ns typ. < 6 GHz, and 25 μs typ. > 6 GHz+5V @ 200 µA or 3.3V @2mA typ.-40 to +85 °C5 to 8 
2.5 to 5 GHz: 10 x 10 mm
5 to 8 GHz: 7 x 7 mm
8 to 24 GHz: 4 x 4 mm


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Through continuous product, technology, and process innovation, Pole/Zero continues to expand its role as the leading supplier of unique, cost-effective solutions to the most complex of RF challenges. Our comprehensive suite of RF interference mitigation devices includes Tunable Filters, Low Noise Amplifiers, Integrated Cosite Equipment, Cosite Power Amplifiers and a wide range of other products tailored to the interference characteristics of multiple industries.

Our expertise and experience in space and military markets, has led to industry leading products that readily meet the unique size, weight and power requirements of cosite environments, placing us as a leading supplier for military applications.

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