5BT-1% Series

Tunable Bandpass Filter
1% Bandwidth, Manually Controlled

5BT1% Tunable Filter


Product Name:  5BT Series – Tunable Bandpass Filter, 1% Bandwidth, Manually Controlled


  • Available from stock
  • Manual Frequency Selection
  • Direct-readout Center Frequency Dial 
  • 5 Section, Chevyshev Filter Response 
  • Digitally Controlled Versions Available 

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Product Specifications

K&L Model  Frequency Range (MHz)  Insertion Loss
at f0
Length Inch/mmWidth Inch/mmHeight Inch/mm
5BT-500/1000-1-N/N500-10002.0 dB Max9.80/2495.38/1372.75/50
 5BT-1000/2000-1-N/N 1000-2000 2.5 dB Max 7.38/187 2.88/73 2.75/50
 5BT-1500/3000-1-N/N 1500-3000 2.75 dB Max 7.38/187 2.88/73 2.75/50
TypeNominal 3 dB BWVSWR at
ImpedanceShape Factor
(30 dB to 3 dB/50 dB to 3 dB)
 Power Handling
at f0
Dial Accuracy RF Connector 
5 Section  
1%1.5:1  50 Ohms2:2:1/ 3:5:110 Watts CW+/- 1%Type N


  • ATE Labs
  • Wireless Communications
  • CATV Test Verification
  • Surveillance


Defense Aerospace Communications GPS ATE Space



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K&L Microwave

Since 1971, we’ve aggressively invested in innovation to deliver interference mitigation products built to even the most exacting specifications. By taking control of the internal design and production processes, K&L Microwave can work collaboratively with customers, employing our high-quality standards and industry expertise to develop custom solutions across a full line of applications.

Our line of filters, duplexer, and subassemblies includes multiple topologies, including Ceramic, Lumped Element, Cavity, Waveguide, and Tunable Filters.

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