Tunable Cavity Band Pass Filters

5BT 1 Percent Manual Tuner


While other manufacturers provide off-the-shelf bandpass and band reject products, our experienced engineers work collaboratively with customers to design microwave Cavity Filters tailored to individual manufacturing specifications, enhancing parameters such as insertion loss and power handling capacity through specialized package configurations. VHF and UHF in bandpass and band reject designs.

Frequency Range: 0.03 to 40 GHz

Bandwidth: .2% to 10%

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Rugged components, combined with our bespoke product design, ensures optimized performance for multiple industries and applications, including harsh environments.

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Features & Specifications

While MPG’s RF Cavity Filters offer VSWR specifications of 1.5:1 maximum in a standard design, the series lends itself to specifications as low as 1.2:1 when properly tailored to end-user specifications. Since the package size can be optimized for performance requirements, there are no size limits for our microwave Cavity Filters.

MPG RF Cavity Filters can be purpose-built to the following specifications:

RF Cavity Filter frequency: VHF and UHF from 0.03 to 40 GHz (L band, S band, C band, X band, Ku band, K band, Ka band)

RF Cavity Filter features: Microwave Cavity Filters are available in bandwidths from .2% to 50%, in low loss configurations of 3 to 17 sections. Filters are available in a Q range of 1500 to 5000 with bandpass, band reject designs available.









Because MPG RF Cavity Filters are tailored to end-user specifications and needs, they can fit a wide range of applications, including those in the following markets: defense, EW, RADAR, communications, SATCOM, telecom, SIGINT, aerospace, space, automated test equipment, navigation/GPS and data links.

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