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Product Name : ATC 507-01

BSC have leveraged over 30 years of waveguide design experience to produce a range of filters suitable for incorporation into Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems either as a retrofit or new OEM design. Designs can be optimised for use within the transmit chain, protecting sensitive 4G/LTE mobile phones and base stations; or within the receive chain to mitigate the desensitising effects of adjacent 4G/LTE cell towers.








Whether you’re choosing one of MPG’s packaged or custom designs, RF Waveguide filters can fit a range of narrow band, high frequency applications, including those in the following markets: defense, EW, radar, communications, satcom, telecom, SIGIN, aerospace, space, automated test equipment, navigation/GPS and data links.


Defense Aerospace Communications GPS


Product Specifications

PassbandInsertion LossInsertion Loss RippleDeviation from linear phaseGroup DelayAmplitude tracking over freq and tempPhase tracking over freq and tempReturn LossRejection from 1.5 to 2.57 GHzRejection from 2.57 to 2.69 GHzRejection from 3.4 to 3.6 GHzRejection from 3.6 to 3.75 GHzPulse Power HandlingOperating TemperatureConnectorsExternal FinishDimensions
2.75 to 3.1 GHz0.2 dB max0.05 dB pk-pk max / any 5 MHz band10° max / any 5 MHz band8 nS max0.1 dB max – matched pair10° max – matched pair17 dB min55 dB min65 dB min60 dB min50 dB min3 kW pk max, 100 µS pulse0 to 50°CPDR FlangeMatt Nato Green452 x 420 x 80 mm


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BSC is based in York, UK, BSC offers its full range of non-ITAR products to the RF global marketplace, whether for small quick turn development runs or high volumes associated with series production of phased array RADAR and EW systems and commercial market place needs. A small selection of the active microwave assemblies and modules offered include front end preselectors, Switched Filters for Antenna front ends, IF assemblies, DRFM front ends, adaptive filtering including switched multiplexers, switched filter banks, and Software Defined Radio filter assemblies.

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