DPDT Waveguide Switches, (C-Switch)



DPDT (C-Switch), Transfer waveguide switch offering

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Special Features

Waveguide Switches are designed to route extremely high power signals over a narrow bandwidth at low to high frequencies, making them highly applicable to space applications. To meet this market demand, MPG’s Dow-Key expanded its product line and engineering capabilities in 1993, with the acquisition of the Transco Space Qualified Products, augmenting our own industry heritage in Hi-Rel Space programs with an extended line of Waveguide Switching solutions.

Our current technical team, including many of the Transco Space Qualified Products engineers, will help you determine the optimal Waveguide Switch solution or work with your specifications to achieve the a custom design built to your requirements.

Dow-Key Microwave’s full line of Waveguide Switches can be purchased or purpose-built to the following specifications:

Tech, Design, Form & Fit:

Waveguide Switch Configurations: Waveguide Switch configurations include Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT), Transfer Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT), and a Space Qualified Transfer Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Waveguide Switch with the following actuators: latching.

Waveguide Switch frequency: Dow-Key Microwave’s Waveguide Switches route RF signals over a bandwidth from 7.0 GHz to 62 GHz.

Waveguide Switch features: Our Waveguide Switches support maximum VSWR ranging from 1.1 to 1.22 with minimum isolation ranges from 55 dB to 60 dB and a max insertion loss from .08 dB to 15 dB, depending on configuration.

Waveguide Switches can be designed to meet customer specifications across the following ranges:

Operating Voltage: 24-30 Vdc

Switching time: 100 ms max. (WR 28 thru WR 90)

200 ms max. (WR 112)

Applications: Waveguide Switches can handle extremely high power, making them a good fit for multiple markets, including aerospace, electronic warfare, radar, and space.

Special Processes and Manufacturing: Dow-Key Microwave’s testing and manufacturing facility is recognized across the industry for its state-of-the-art components, including but not limited to, two Class 7 clean rooms, a wide array of vector network analyzers and synthesized sources, noise figure measuring equipment and RF power sources as well as shock and vibration stations for environmental screening. With the best of modern technology at their fingertips and decades of combined experience, Dow-Key Microwave engineers deliver custom solutions to meet unique specifications as well as budgetary considerations and timelines.


Features & Specifications

  • Operating Voltage:
    28 Vdc (24-30 Vdc)
  • Coil Current (max. @ nom. Vdc & 20°C)*:
    28 Vdc 350 mA
  • Switching Time:
    100 ms maximum (WR 28 thru WR 90)
    200 ms maximum (WR 112)
  • Operating Temperature:
    -54ºC to +85ºC
  • Mechanical Life Cycles:
    200,000 minimum
  • Nominal Weight:
    10.58 oz. (300 g.) for WR 28 thru WR 90
    17.64 oz. (500 g.) for WR 112