DPDT High Power Coaxial  Switches

MPG's High Power Coaxial DPDT Switches routes a signal to one of two outputs,  Available in various connectors and great for rugged military applications. 



A High Power Coaxial DPDT switch offers low insertion loss and fast switching, but reliable use can be challenging. A high power switch acts as a two terminal device, meaning that the control port utilized for biasing and the port used for the RF signal are one and the same. To ensure proper functioning and fit, our experienced engineers work individually with customers to tailor the design and manufacture of each high power switch to exacting specifications.

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Special Features

Designed to reliably route microwave signals or RF energy from point to point within a transmission line, MPG's High Power Coax DPDT Switches are equally at home in an industrial environment, such as large RF communication systems and networks, or within the lab supporting RF testing equipment.

Our technical team and experienced engineers will help you determine the optimal High Power Coax DPDT Switch or Coax Relay solution for your needs from our extended line of off-the-shelf and custom-designed products.

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Features & Specifications

Our full line of High Power Coax DPDT Switches or Coax Relays can be purchased or purpose-built to the following specifications:

High Power Coax DPDT Switch frequency:
Coaxial Switches route RF signals over a broad bandwidth from DC - 12.4 GHz

High Power Coax DPDT Switch features:
Our High Power Coax DPDT Switches support maximum VSWR ranging from 1.1 to 1.95 with minimum isolation ranges from 55 dB to 85 dB and a max insertion loss from .1 dB to .8 dB, depending on configuration.

High Power Coax DPDT Switches can be designed to meet customer specifications across the following ranges:

  • Operating Voltage (across temperature range): 28 Vdc (20-30 Vdc)
  • Switching time: 20 ms max.








High Power Coaxial DPDT Families


DPDT Coaxial switches-412 series

High power handling, low insertion loss, low VSWR, high isolation

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Frequency Range:  DC - 12.4 GHz 

Lifecycles:  1M minimum

Configurations:  Power, Temperature Lifycycle, Connector, Voltage, and Circuit options are available.  

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