MEGA-POLE® Tunable Band Pass Filters



For applications requiring high selectivity and low insertion loss, the MEGA-POLE® Filter delivers rugged dependability in a Tunable Filter design.

Frequency Range: VHF-L, VHF-H or UHF versions in bandpass configurations.

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About The Technology


MEGA-POLE® Filters

Pole/Zero’s MEGA-POLE® Filter offers high selectivity with 251 tunable positions per band, utilizing a 2-pole, constant Q design. With a flat response in the passband and roll offs toward zero in the stopband, the MEGA-POLE® Filter is recognized for exceptional RF power handling capabilities with a high third order intercept point. The series is ideal for transmitter applications but offers flexible enhancements for versatile performance across multiple use cases.

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Features & Specifications

MEGA-POLE® Filter frequency: VHF-L, VHF-H or UHF from 30 MHz to 450 MHz.

Microwave Waveguide filters are available in bandwidths from .1% to 20%, in low loss configurations of 2 to 20 sections. Filters are available in a Q range of ~25K @ 1 GHZ to 2500 @25 GHz+. Connectorized and waveguide flange mounts are available. Waveguide filters come in bandpass, band reject, high pass, low pass, diplexer and multiplexer designs

Frequency:VHF-L, VHF-H or UHF from 30 MHz to 450 MHz.

Offering high power and performance, the MEGA-POLE Tunable Filter delivers the following advantages:

  • Designed in accordance with MIL-STD-810, making this filter ideal for rugged military environments

  • Cost-effective enhancements are available for added versatility, including additional poles for sharper selectivity, expanded frequency range or multi-band solutions

  • Size/selectivity trade-offs for small form factors also available









High RF power handling and excellent selectivity make MPG’s MEGA -POLE® Tunable Filter applicable for multiple markets, including defense, EW, RADAR, communications, SATCOM, and automated test equipment.