SPDT  High Repeatability Coaxial Switch


412 High Power Coaxial Switch


Part Number : R401K-420852

The R401 Series part number R401K-420852 SPDT High repeatability coaxial switch switch is ideal for DC to 26.5GHz applications with 1.50 @ 26.5GHz VSWR performance and 50 Ohm impedance. It features Latching actuator, 12 VDC coil voltage, and SMA Female connector, and it requires 11V~14V voltage supply. Additionally, it has drive circuit options, optical indicators and special options.

Product Specifications

Frequency GHZ



Isolation dB


Insertion Loss dB


Coil Voltage

Circuit Options

Actuator Type





DC to 26.5GHz

1.50 @ 26.5GHz

70dB @ 26.5GHz


12 VDC


Optical indicators

SMA female

-25°C ~ 65°C


Additional Specifications

  • Switching Time:
    15 ms maximum
  • Mechanical Life Cycles*:
    1,000,000 minimum
    5,000,000 minimum (“U” Option
  • Vibration, Operating:
    10G RMS, 20-2000 Hz
  • Mechanical Shock, Non-Operating:
    30G, 1/2 Sine, 11 ms

* Performance and weight varies depending on selected options. Values listed
are for Standard 401 Failsafe model.

IEEE Frequency Bands

HF-Band VHF-Brand UHF-Band L-Band

S-Band C-Band X-Band Ku-Band K-Band


Defense Aerospace Communications


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