Mixed Technology Fixed Band Pass Filters



Throughout a 50-year history of designing and manufacturing RF Filters, MPG has developed proprietary methods and knowledge. We put this expertise to work when developing RF Mixed Technologies filters, combining multiple topologies to meet the custom needs of our clients.

Frequency Range: 0.03 to 20,000 GH

Bandwidth: 0.1% to 200%

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Mixed Technology

By mixing technologies, including Cavity, Suspended Substrate, Ceramic, Lumped Components, Combline and Interdigital, we can more effectively tailor the filter design to individual applications. This includes frequencies and bandwidths not accommodated with most industry microwave filters. Designing RF Mixed Technologies filters also allows us to meet size restraints with more rugged compact packaging.

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Working from an extensive history in filter design and fabrication, our engineers employ unparalleled expertise to move beyond out-of-the-box solutions. Looking past the confines of today’s standard models, MPG creates RF Mixed Technologies Filters, utilizing multiple topologies, to fit custom applications.

RF Mixed Technologies Filter frequency: HF, VHF, UHF, L band, S band, C band, X band, Ku band, K band, Ka band, V band from 0.03 to 20,000 GHz.

RF Mixed Technologies Filter features: Depending on the topologies used, RF Mixed Technologies Filters are available in bandwidths from 0.1% to 200%. Our filter topologies are available in 2 to 20 sections, with Q ranges from 250-10,000. Connectorized and surface mounts are available. RF Mixed Technologies Filters can be manufactured in bandpass, band reject, high pass, low pass, diplexer and multiplexer designs.









RF Mixed Technologies Filters are tailored to end-user specifications and designed to meet custom needs across a number of industries, including the following markets: defense, EW, RADAR, communications, SATCOM, telecom, SIGINT, aerospace, space, automated test equipment, navigation/GPS and data links.