Return Authorizations

Dow-Key Microwave:

For Products returned, Buyer shall afford Seller a reasonable opportunity to inspect the Products and any return shall comply with Seller’s Return Materials Authorization (“RMA”) procedures. Remedies are conditioned upon Buyer giving prompt written notice to Seller within the applicable period, specifying the affected Product and the defect or nonconformance and returning all affected Products to Seller. Seller reserves the right to disposition any and all returned goods and equipment.

K&L Microwave:

Returns and Credits: Products may be returned at Buyer’s convenience with Seller’s prior written approval. No credit shall be allowed for returned goods except as provided hereunder. If authorized by Seller, credit will be allowed only for the purchase price of the returned goods, excluding shipping and taxes. Any refurbishing of the equipment or goods returned that is required to return the same to a condition acceptable to the Seller will be charged by Seller against the credit requested by Buyer at Seller's current repair rate. Credit for the returned material will only be issued to the original Buyer. Cancellation by the Buyer of acknowledged orders by the Buyer will be accepted only upon terms which will fully protect Seller against loss on account of the same and which are accepted by the Seller in writing. Seller reserves the right to reject any and all returned goods and equipment.


To return material to Pole/Zero, you must have a RMA number which eliminates problems such as lost material, incorrect handling, increased or inaccurate costs, and other problems. To request a RMA number, please email the following information, at a minimum, to Upon receipt of the RMA request, a Pole/Zero representative will contact you with detailed return instructions.