High Repeatability Coaxial DPDT Switches

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High Repeatability Coaxial DPDT Switches

High Repeatability Switches are designed to stand up to rigorous requirements over an extended lifecycle. MPG’s Dow-Key Microwave’s Reliant line of High Repeatability Switches meets these basic requirements with a dependable and economical switching solution, backed by decades of design and manufacturing innovation.

Reliant High Repeatability Switches can operate at temperatures below 25°C, up to 15,000 feet in altitude, and can also be stored up to 50,000 feet without performance degradation. Control can be instituted by applying ground to close the desired port, via TTL logic (by applying +5vdc to close a port or +0Vdc to open a port) or CANbus (to use with Dow-Key controller boards).

At Dow-Key Microwave, we help customers meet specifications where insertion loss repeatability and switch life are critical, with an economically priced High Repeatability Switch that can be purpose-built to the following specifications:

Tech, Design, Form & Fit:

High Repeatability Switch Configurations: Single pole double throw (SPDT), single pole double throw terminated and SP6T terminated in the following modes: latching, normally open terminated, latching terminated, self cut off.

High Repeatability Switch frequency: Our High Repeatability Switches route RF signals over a bandwidth from DC-1 to 26.5 GHz.

High Repeatability Switch features: Our High Repeatability Switches support maximum VSWR 1.15 to 1.80, with minimum isolation ranges from 55 dB to 85 dB, and a maximum insertion loss from .2 dB to 4 dB.

High Repeatability Switches can be designed to meet customer specifications across the following ranges:

Operating Voltage: 12-24 Vdc

Switching time: 15 ms max.

Applications: Offering durability at an economical cost, Dow Key’s High Repeatability Switch is a good fit for multiple markets, including radar, automated test equipment (ATE), and communications.

Special Processes and Manufacturing: Dow Key Microwave’s Reliant line of High Repeatability Switches is built on industry expertise gained over a decades-long history of creating RF microwave switches and interference devices. To remain first in the industry, we’ve invested heavily in future-ready technology, ensuring our 36,000 square foot testing and manufacturing facility meets the innovative challenges of today, while always looking toward the High Repeatability Switching needs of tomorrow.

Dow Key Microwave is one of the most widely recognized brands in RF Switching technology, covering multiple markets with high performing products backed by our personal commitment to customer care.

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