RF Conditioner
Module- RFC-D1H2

ICE1000 Series


Product Name : RFC-D1H2

This RF Conditioner module supports HF frequency band sensor collection operations including HF monitoring, HF angle of arrival direction finding, including N-channel and time-difference of arrival processing. Each module supports up to two RF antenna inputs. A single digital intermediate frequency (Digital-IF) 10GbE output port provides VITA-49 packet output for both antenna inputs. N-channel processing is supported by ganging together multiple RF Conditioner modules with a common GPS-disciplined timing source, with each module supporting two RF antenna connections.








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Communications Defense GPS


Product Specifications

Frequency Coverage

Receive Gain

RF Output Power

Size Weight
30-88 MHz (VHF Low)108-174 MHz (VHF High)225-520 MHz (UHF)7 dB25 W (FM)8.0 x 4.0 x 2.5 in.≤ 3 lbs.

Frequency Coverage

Receive Gain

RF Output Power

Size Weight
30-88 MHz (VHF Low)108-174 MHz (VHF High)225-520 MHz (UHF)7 dB25 W (FM)8.0 x 4.0 x 2.5 in.≤ 3 lbs.
HF/DF-Ready Subsystem
Stare Frequency Range1.7~ 31.1 MHzTuning by +/-1 MHz included Options for custom stare ranges are available upon request.
Stare Bandwidth29.4 MHzConfigured as six (6) sub-channels
Channel Bandwidth4.9 MHzEach channel is bandpass filtered, automatically monitored, and attenuated independently
Channel Sample Rate24 bits @ 5.6 MspsVITA-49 Format, sign extended to 32 bits
AoA-DFCommutative or N-ChannelRequires additional hardware
Analog Antenna Inputs2 (TNC-f)R1 ← Antenna A
R2 Antenna B or HF/DF Sequence Feed
Analog Antenna Outputs2 (SMA-f)RF 1→ Antenna A Coupled Output, +3dB gain, 5dB NF RF 2→ Antenna B Coupled Output, +3dB gain, 5dB NF
RF Impedance500 
Max RF Input w/o Damage+20 dBmContinuous
Noise Floor-133 dBm typ.3 kHz bandwidth
Internal Spurious<-120 dBm typ.Input equivalent power
SFDR103 dB minIncludes ADC
Gain+7 dB 
Noise Figure+20 dBm calc.Includes ADC
Intercept Points+66 dBm calc.Input 2nd order (IIP2)
+31 dBm calc.Input 3rd order (IIP3)
Digital-IF Output1xSFP+R410GbE Digital-IF VITA-49 packet stream
Time & Frequency Subsystem
Theater Net-Centric GeolocationBuilt-inEspy's built-in GPS subsystem can be bypassed to allow input of external 1PPS and 10MHz reference signals
NTP ServicesYesProvides Stratum 1 NTP services to the teamSENTINEL Sensor when GPS lock has been achieved.Requires connection of GPS antenna
GPS Antenna Input1 (TNC-f)R3 GPS Antenna, +15V DC out
Reference I/Os4 (SMA-f)J11PPS In
J2→ 1PPS Out
J3← 10 MHz In
J410 MHz Out
Environmental Specifications
Temperature5°C to 50°C -40°C to 70°COperating Storage
Humidity10% to 80% 5% to 95% RHOperating, with 29°C max dew point
Storage, with 33°C max dew point. (Atmosphere must always be non-condensing)
Power40W typ, 60W max100/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, autosensing
Weight~17 lbs.Without rack mount hardware
Dimensions1 RU x 21.56" D x 19" WRack-mount kits included


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